About Us

MOS- Motor Oil Specialist is reputed as one of the leading engine oil brand in Malaysia specializing in automotive and industrial lubricants. Established in year 1997, MOS is built on brand values of technology tendency, quality assurance and reliable supply chain to gain significant growth in market share over the years.

Nowadays, in conjunction to the more stringent requirements in global emission legislation, fuel efficiency and extended product’s durability, MOS persistently draws on technical innovation with result-proven R&D work to provide continuous improvement in all aspects such as its performance, meeting environmental and safety legislation.

To cater for the various market demands in different region, MOS possesses full range of product series from automotive to industrial, agriculture and marine applications. Many of them are accredited with global-recognized certification including API, JAMA and certain OEM’s Classification.

Company Values

Uncompromisingly, we uphold and prosecute the key principle on

“Responsibility, Quality and Win-win Situation”

aiming for continuous improvement driven by innovation and integrity


To commit in product effects on market response, environmental and safety.


To establish an international branding with cornerstone of quality built on “Scientific proven, specification and business morality”.

Win-win Situation

To construct effective and healthy supply chain, ensuring the value gaining in all categories.