GEAR OIL 80-90

GEAR OIL  80-90

A premium multi-grade manual gear oil recommended for hypoid gears, in axles operating under various combinations of high-speed shock load, low-speed high torque conditions. The advanced EP additive system ensures long-term total protection to gear set with extended drain capability. 

Type: Mineral Base

Performance Features:

  • Excellent protection against gear wearing and scoring
  • Outstanding extreme pressure performance 
  • Outstanding anti-foaming and demulsibility characteristic 
  • Efficient oxidation inhibitor

Grade & Specification:

SAE 80W-90 API GL-5

  • MIL-L-2105-D
  • MAN 342 M-1
  • ZF TE-ML 07A
  • ZF TE-ML 08

Available In: 4 Liters, 18 Liters

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