“Systematic approach for reliability and consistency”

Through fully monitored and documented manufacturing system and International Licensing & Certification program, we ensure consistency, value and reliability in our products.

Innovation of Technology

"M SYN Series"

Salicylate Technology

To demonstrate distinguished power and protection in many high performance modern vehicles, the newly developed unique Salicylate detergent technology is exerted into our top-tier rangefully synthetic product category – M SYN series.

The innovation of this cutting edge detergent technology offers the desired performance benefits with lower sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulfur ( SAPS ) in conjunction to the latest Emission Regulation.

Unique Viscosity Modifier Technology

The preferred choice of Viscosity Modifier– “Star” polymer is another crucial component as an added value to MOS automotive engine oil series. This unique viscosity modifier is built on amorphous polymer grouped into “Star” polymer and linear polymer. The innate self-assemble characteristic of this structure is a major contributor to many benefits in superior engine oil.